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The Best Two Years

Well this is super weird, because this will be my last group email I send. I can't believe 2 years is up!  It's been really insane how fast time has flown.  I'm really sorry guys but I just really don't want to go home!  My heart will stay in this country, with this people.  Though even more amazing than this beautiful country, language and people is the ever encompassing love of Jesus Christ.  He is no stranger to Hungary.  He knows the hearts of everyone in the world.  I see Him minister in the lives of many people.  I see Him minister in my life.  I feel His presence and love when I pray, when I listen to and read His word from the mouths of prophets throughout the ages. The most happiness I've ever experienced has been in the service of others.  I want to continue that pattern throughout my life!  I want to be in a habit of setting goals and always having a plan for every hour of my day.  I don't really want free time, I always want to have a purpose

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